Played by Dustin DeWees

    My old name has been forgotten. However, I can faintly remember the night I ran away into the forest. I remember the tall creatures in green cloaks creeping through the hallways and then the screams. We had a hidden cellar that I used to escape my parents assassins. The forest was harsh, but I was determined to make it my home.
     Horrible noises from what seemed to be a hundred animals began to cry out in the distance one night. I stumbled upon a magical, chanting tribe dancing around a bonfire and saw the locked cages. They were studying the animals it seemed and part of the tribe was able to change into the animals they had captured. For months, I watched from the shadows to learn their Druidic ways and their strange language.
     The fire burnt especially bright one night. It looked like a feast was about to begin. Perhaps they were going to seal their new forms by eating the animals. My knowledge I took from the tribe and my rage for the tortured animals clashed together as I ran in to save them. My body went numb as I fell on all fours. I was a full blooded bear just like the ones they had caged. I busted the irons holding the cages shut and let all the animals out. We fought together and escaped.
     The bear pack accepted me as one of their own. For breaking their iron chains,they gave me the title 'Ironclaw'. Once we had lived together for sometime, they realized how easily I bled in my Dwarven form and so named me Cruor. It wasn't long until some of the Fey tribe tracked us down and my new family told me to escape. They once told me that their lives are a fraction of a dwarves anyway. I will always protect nature in anyway I can. My name is Cruor Ironclaw.

One-Shot Onslaught