Wall of Honor

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Guild Leader

  • Rachel (Dragonbait)
  • Tiana H.


  • Be the first!


  • Be the first!


  • Jeremy Fair (@dicetalk)
  • Not Ironclaw
  • Dani T.
  • Matthew G.
  • Britany D.
  • Sofa Kingdom
  • Uncle “Scott” Shainsaw
  • Dewayne from the Lawful Stupid Podcast
  • Bradley Mitchell
  • Jason P.
  • LokiStryke
  • Mitch B.
  • Dave M.

New Recruit

  • Jean L.
  • Girunduu
  • Jorian
  • Naomi Sweet
  • UndeadMonkey
  • Dani M.
  • Roland L.
  • The Nerd Asylum